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K9 Kneads Massage Therapy

K9 Kneads Massage Therapy is run by Nicolé Hare  DipCMT. Nicolé is fully qualified in canine massage and has owned and worked with dogs all her life. She has worked her dogs in obedience, flyball and dog agility so she understands what your dog does and how to help it best.

What is Canine Massage Therapy?

Canine Massage Therapy is a gentle and non invasive soft tissue treatment which uses massage techniques to manipulate muscles and connective tissue in order to enhance function, help reduce the symptoms of ageing, ease discomfort and enhance the dogs overall wellbeing.

 How does it work?

As with humans, canine massage can both directly and indirectly influence the body’s systems helping it to function more efficiently.  As the tissues are manipulated the muscle fibres are gently stretched and realigned releasing congested areas which in turn increases circulation throughout the body enabling better distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.  Massage also encourages lymph flow, allowing metabolic waste to be released more efficiently and releases endorphins (nature's natural pain relieving hormones) which can ease discomfort and promote a feeling of well-being and relaxation.


Massage is not a substitute for veterinary care and advice and at K9 Kneads we acknowledge and respect the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemption Order 1962 by never working upon an animal without gaining prior veterinary approval.